[council] Re: REMINDER GNSO Teleconference dial in #

Amadeu Abril i Abril Amadeu at abril.info
Tue Dec 2 18:34:56 UTC 2003

Bruce, Glen, and all,

I won't be able to attend the teleconf. I've already sent my proxy to 
Demi, and in case he couold not attend, to Alick.

Regarding the issues on the table, I am still unconfortable with the 
fact that the whole issue is drafted in a way that seems mostly if not 
only concrned about "how to make it easy to introduce new services" in 
case a registry asks for it. The "whether" and not just the "how" should 
have more echo.

In any case, I favour the creation of the task force. And I would also 
like to have a further distinction (besides "quick look/full track; 
sponsored/unsponsored; services that once provided at the central level 
cannot be done so at the distributed level/services where this 
distinction does not apply). Namely I'd like the task force considering 
the issue of whether there is a difference bewtween ser5vices that, if 
offeredm only affect the registrants in that TLD (for instance, free web 
pages) and services that affect all users of the DNS (as sitefinder)  or 
at least go beyond current resgitrants/customers (WLS or RGP). This 
shoulb be considered as for the list of checklist questions, or even 
when defining the stakeholders to be consulted in each case.

Best regards, and sincere apologies for missing my (first!) Councilo 


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