[council] Council teleconference - 18 Dec 2003

Carlos Afonso ca at rits.org.br
Mon Dec 15 12:30:59 UTC 2003

Dear all, I will not be able to make it - this time due to Rits' short 
vacation period (finally!) for Xmas and New Year, and to my personal 
exhaustion after the WSIS marathon.

I will be happy with either Marc or Jisuk acting as proxies.

Thanks and have you all a wonderful 2004, hopefully with the batteries 
fully recharged :)


At 21:16 11/12/2003, Bruce Tonkin wrote:
>Hello All,
>Below is a draft agenda for the teleconference scheduled for 18 Dec
>In response to requests from some Council members to rotate the time of
>the calls, this call will be scheduled for UTC1200.
>(7am Washington DC, 12 noon London, 11pm Melbourne)
>Item 1: Approval of minutes of last meetings
>- 20 Nov 2003
>- 2 Dec 2003
>Item 2: Update from WHOIS task forces   (45 mins)
>- report on appointments of chairs and timelines for work program
>Task force 1: Restricting access to WHOIS data for marketing purposes
>- chair - Jeff Neuman
>Task force 2: Review of data collected and displayed
>- chair - ?
>Task Force 3: Improving Accuracy of collected data
>- chair - Brian Darville
>Item 3: Preliminary views from constituencies on the Procedure for use
>by ICANN in considering requests for consent and related contractual
>amendments to allow changes in the architecture or operation of a gTLD
>registry [45 mins]
>- the intent of this discussion is to share any preliminary views from
>constiteuncies as they develop their constituency statements
>Item 4: Any other business
>Bruce Tonkin

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