[council] Whois TF 2 Schedule

Jordyn A. Buchanan jbuchanan at registrypro.pro
Thu Dec 18 03:33:06 UTC 2003

Hello fellow council members:

As requested, Whois TF 2 is providing some feedback to council as to 
the feasibility of

Initially convened 2 Dec.
Interim report on primary data and collection efforts by 15 Jan
Data gathering public comment to commence in early January
Public comment to end by 25 Jan
Data compiled from various sources by 2 Feb
Constituency statements due 23 Feb
Preliminary report prepared post-Rome ICANN meeting
Public comment period (20 days)
Preparation of Final report (including any public comment of note) (10 
Council consideration of Final report (10 days)
Preparation of Board report (5 days)

Note that the task force has not yet had the opportunity to agree to a 
date for the prelimary report.  However, I have proposed a date of 
March 26, and so far have heard no objection from other task force 



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