[council] ICANN website review: make surfing easier- please comment!

GNSO SECRETARIAT gnso.secretariat at gnso.icann.org
Tue Sep 2 21:35:34 UTC 2003

[To: council at dnso.org; ga at dnso.org]
[To: liaison6c at dnso.org]

ICANN is beginning a review of its website.

Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Kindly send your comments directly to <website-comments at icann.org>

Answering the questions below would be of immense help to this process.

1) How often do you visit the ICANN website?

2) What categories of information do you look for?

3) What information may be less prominent on ICANN's website than you think
it should be?

4) What parts of ICANN's website do you like?

5) What parts of ICANN's website do you not like?

6) Does the ICANN website load quickly or slowly?

7) Do you like documents to be available in both Adobe Acrobat Portable
Document Format (.pdf) and HTML?

8) Other comments

Thank you for your cooperation and time that you may spend on this.

GNSO Secretariat

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