[council] ALAC statement on resolution of non-existing domainnames

Milton Mueller Mueller at syr.edu
Tue Sep 16 19:36:05 UTC 2003

While I am sympathetic to Jeff's argument on this:

>>> "Neuman, Jeff" <Jeff.Neuman at Neustar.us> 09/16/03 03:05PM >>>

>Rather than giving the "technical purist" argument (i.e., the Internet is a
>sacred animal and anything that alters some of the functionally of the past
>is "grave"), please provide us with concrete examples, which you have

Let me note in respect of this:

>What users do you know
>that "choose" how they get an error message back.  
>For example, do those who use MSN browser "choose" to get an MSN 
>search redirect rather than an error message?  

In effect, yes. A user can install another browser relatively easily 
if they don't like the services or destinations associated wtih 
error messages in a particular browser. However, no such 
user choice is available when querying the .com zone file. 


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