[council] Proposed agenda for GNSO Council meeting - Thursday 25 September 2003

Neuman, Jeff Jeff.Neuman at Neustar.us
Wed Sep 17 12:48:41 UTC 2003

In the interest of fairness, if we invite any non-GNSO Council member to
this meeting to address VeriSign's service, I am sure that we would all
benefit from requesting VeriSign's presence to describe their service, the
reasons for its launch, along with possible benefits to the Internet

Marilyn, I understand the purpose of inviting Steve, but can you please
articulate why precisely you would like to invite the GC and Tina Dam.  In
addition, if we do invite them, perhaps we should provide them with a list
of questions in advance of the meeting to prevent them feeling blindsided.
Just my recommendation.



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Thursday 25 September 2003

Bruce, can we invite Steve Crocker, the Chair of the Security and Stability
Advisory Committee to the call for this segment? And, the GC and Tina Dam?
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Subject: [council] Proposed agenda for GNSO Council meeting - Thursday
25 September 2003


1. Approval of Agenda

2. Summary of last meetings
	- approval of minutes

3. Actions arising from last meeting [30 mins]
	- Each constituency to appoint one member to the President's
committee on WIPO -II
	- Each constituency to supply list of top 5 UDRP issues
	- Request Discussion with the Board on extension of 3
representatives per constituency until annual meeting in 2004
	- Issues with introducing new tlds

4. Issues associated with Verisign's introduction of wild card entries
(*.com and *.net in the .com and .net zonefile) [30 mins]

5. Update on WHOIS Privacy Steering Group [30 mins]

6.Discussion of top 5 UDRP issues  [30 mins]
- Receive input from each constiteuncy and see if there is common
interest in taking some issues forward into policy development 

7. Any other business

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