[council] ICANN Advisory on Sitefinder

Milton Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Sun Sep 21 10:37:50 UTC 2003

Regarding Marilyn's proposed resolution:

I find the whereas clauses too wordy and rhetorical and do 
not wish to get bogged down discussions of expansive 
language (e.g., "ICANN's primary responsibility is the 
security and stability of the Internet" - this is false, ICANN's
responsibility is the security and stability of the DNS root.
ICANN does NOT have broad authority over anything 
anyone might do (e.g., ISP routing practices) that affect
the Internet.

>     Since the deployment, ICANN [snip] 
>     is carefully reviewing the terms of the .com and
>     .net Registry Agreements.

This to me is the critical issue. I would like to see some
definitive statements about this. 
>     Recognizing the concerns about the wildcard service, ICANN has
>     called upon VeriSign to voluntarily suspend the service until
>     the various reviews now underway are completed.

The existence of this request means that ICANN has already accomplished the only substantive aspect of Marilyn's resolution. Perhaps as a substitute motion GNSO could in a resolution express its support for this request.


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