[council] Annual Meeting now Tunisia?

Amadeu Abril i Abril Amadeu at abril.info
Mon Sep 22 05:18:27 UTC 2003


I support your move here. As you point out, the deadline is not the 
Annual Meeting, but October 1. Making Carthage the Annual Meeting 
changes nothing in this regard.

I would also suggest that you should notify ICANN Board, and GC that:

* Constituencies are in the process of running the elections, but that 
the October 1st meeting will not be met (and therefore, explore with GC 
the possibility to extend as provisional the current Council until the 
arrival of new members).

* that the Council's consensus position is to ask for an amendment of 
the Bylaws so as to have 3 reps from constituency, and that this will be 
submitted for Board consideration during the Annual Meeting (and ask to 
publish such proposal for amendemnt accoridng to ICANN's procedures, as 
this is clearly more than a simple technical amendment; if not done so, 
no action could be taken in Carthage, I am afraid).

* State that the uncertainty on the number of reps make the shceduled 
elections somehow problematic. As a last ressource, the Council could 
ask the Board to immediately amend Article XX, section 5, clause 8 so as 
to read "December 1" (ie, a month after Carthage, where a final decison 
on amending or not the bylaws regarding the issue of seats should be 
taken). This is a "minor" amendment, implying no policy or structural 
change and could therefgore be adopted by the Board on a telconf without 
prior public consultation, IMHO.

In the meanwhile, consitunceies should follow your wise advice to start 
the nomination/election process (2+1 "in the fridge") ASAP.

Amadeu, who is btw much more interested in the wildcard issue...

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