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Philip Sheppard philip.sheppard at aim.be
Wed Sep 24 07:24:10 UTC 2003

Business Constituency - UDRP priority issues for a new policy development process.
It is not straightforward to choose just some out of a list of issues that are not comparable in scope/time. However, on balance discussion within the membership of the BC has led to the following list - which we have categorised according to the scope of the issue. What we are saying is that these issues should be discussed not necessarily that there should be change. Priority within this list should go to issue 9 and 15 - relevant to improving what we have. We are however open to proposals from other constituencies on different priorities or linked issues.

1. Improving the functioning of the present UDRP.
(9) Should the procedure for implementing orders to transfer registrations be amended?

2. Changes which may help with consistency of the existing UDRP.
(15) Should the policy address the question of whether "holding" constitutes "use"? 
3. Administrative changes which are nice to have but which add cost.
(1) Should there be improved centralized, searchable access to administrative panel decisions?
(2) Should complainant and respondent filings be publicly available?

4. Significant policy changes.
(3) Should complainants and respondents be allowed to amend and/or supplement their filings?
(10) Should administrative panel decisions be subject to internal appellate review? 
(11) Should the policy be changed to require registrars to wait until appeal deadlines expire before taking action in response to court orders? 

Philip Sheppard on behalf of the BC
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