[council] NCUC top 5 UDRP issues

Milton Mueller Mueller at syr.edu
Wed Sep 24 17:15:51 UTC 2003

This list was published and discussed on our constituency list but there was no formal vote. --MM

(4) Should the provider and panel selection processes be modified to
address concerns about potential conflicts of interest?

   [This would include the problem of complainant selection of providers,
     panel selection bias by providers, etc. ]

(5) Should standards for accrediting providers and panelists be

   [there should be some way to de-accredit biased providers and 

(8) Should the notice requirements be amended?

   [Some feel that the notice requirements are too short. ]

(10) Should administrative panel decisions be subject to internal
appellate review?

   [whether you agree or disagree with the appeal option, it 
    seems to be a high priority issue that needs to be resolved.]

(17) Should complainants be required to post a bond and/or pay a penalty
in order to deter "reverse domain-name hijacking"?

    [there should be some deterrent to RDNH]

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