[council] voting procedures

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Thu Sep 25 14:29:50 UTC 2003

Perhaps it is possible to separate votes for elections and votes on policy? 

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Bruce and all,

I think that in Carthage we should spend some minutes discussing better 
ways of managing votes on resolutions. Amending resolutions on the fly 
over the phone makes understanding the final picture very difficult. 
Indeed, if we do have net access we always can see modified versions 
(but we still should be able to find a ways to wathc the amendments 
being introduced. Unfortunately not everybody can have mail/web access 
during teleconfs. So we also need to revisit the written procedure for 
voting. I dont think that we should require a confirmation by subsequent 
teleconf. Perhaps this is so for the legal Board of a California 
corporation, but the GNSO is an adivsory policy body, and whould enjoiy 
more flexibility.


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