[council] voting procedures

Neuman, Jeff Jeff.Neuman at Neustar.us
Thu Sep 25 18:19:32 UTC 2003

Staff will help.  But remember, unlike the Board, we have constituencies
that we represent and we need to keep them in the loop.  Real time editing
of resolutions that change the substance of a resolution need to be
carefully managed.


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we should all be thinking of what happens when we have staff, and try not to
create processes that don't take that into account. drafting of resolutions
will undoubtedly devolve to staff in the fully staffed model. the board is
of course able to deal with resolutions in real time, probably because they
have access to online support and staff.:-)
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I think we agree.  There should be time to review the initial resolution as
well as time to review the amendments.

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Neuman, Jeff wrote:

> I disagree to the extent that I would like to have time to review 
> motions on policy with my constituency.

Jeff, this does not change my proposal. Even when we have the proposals 
one week, or one month, before the call, the problem with on-the-fly 
amendments remain. If a motion is not amendned at all and was on the 
table before the meeting, no problem with the usual proceudre.

But whenever we start to play with its language, I would like to see:

* a "visual support" (if you all were using Macs, I'd suggest 
SubEthaEdit http://www.codingmonkeys.de/subethaedit/).

* In case some people cannot access the written version of the 
amendments, and specifically request so, that the vote be delayed and 
performed in the immediate 24 hours though email.

I'ts not about time for digesting the policies, but the edits... taht 
sometime affect the substance.


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