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Please visit the url below in connection with travel arrangements to

Customs procedure and transportation upon arrival to Tunis Carthage Airport:
The Tunisian Internet Agency will provide transportation facilities from the
Tunis Carthage Airport to the hotels listed on this web site and from the
hotels to the meeting center. To take advantage of those services and to
facilitate the customs procedure upon your arrival to Tunis, please fill in
the following form before the 17th of October 2003.

Visa for entry to Tunisia:

Countries that have a Tunisian embassy or consulate : please send a request
for an invitation letter to contact at icanncarthage.tn
Countries that do not have a Tunisian embassy or consulate : landing visas
will be provided to the ICANN meeting participants upon arrival to Tunis
Carthage Airport. For visa instructions please send an E-mail to
contact at icanncarthage.tn.
TUNISAIR, the Official Carrier for the ICANN meeting in Carthage, offers the
following discounts to the ICANN meeting participants, for all the flights
it covers:

50% for economic class tickets
30% for business class tickets
50% for equipment transportation
For more information, please contact the nearest TunisAir Travel Agency.

GNSO Secretariat
gnso.icann at gnso.icann.org

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