[council] Conflict of interest declaration with respect to vote on .net criteria

Alick Wilson alick.wilson at xendra.co.nz
Thu Aug 5 12:08:29 UTC 2004

Tom, I am willing to vote your proxy if required. Alick

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Hello All,

I want to follow Bruces lead and declare a potential conflict of interest in
regard to the .net criterias. As my company holds shares of Afilias and
provides a Director to the Afilias Board I will recurse myself from this
vote and give my proxy to Ross Rader or in the case that is is not on the
call to Alick Wilson.



Am 05.08.2004 schrieb Bruce Tonkin:
> Hello All,
> I wish to advise that:
> - I am an employee of Melbourne IT
> - Melbourne IT is a 10% shareholder in Neulevel
> - Neulevel may apply to be the successor registry operator for .net
> As a result of the potential conflict of interest, I will not vote on 
> the resolution relating to .net.
> For item 3 of the agenda, I appoint either Ross Rader or Tom Keller as 
> my proxy to vote for me as they see fit on this issue.  Should neither 
> Ross nor Tom be available, I appoint Alick Wilson as my proxy.
> Regards,
> Bruce Tonkin
> GNSO Council representative selected by the registrars constituency



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