[council] RE: Draft Agenda for Council meeting Thursday19 August 2004

Bruce Tonkin Bruce.Tonkin at melbourneit.com.au
Wed Aug 11 23:57:54 UTC 2004

Hello All,

The main objectives of the next call are:

(1) to complete the initial report on the procedure for use by ICANN in
considering requests for consent and related contractual amendments to
allow changes in the architecture operation of a gTLD registry, so that
it may be released for public comment.
- note I need text for the impact on constituencies (mainly registry
- I would also like input from the ICANN staff on the timelines required
for the quick-look and detailed look processes

(2) remind Council members of the current areas of policy that has been
approved but not yet implemented - and seek an update from ICANN staff
on when the remaining policies to be implemented will be announced.

(3) review the next steps in relation to the new gtlds

Bruce Tonkin

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