[council] Regarding proxy votes and attendance at meetings

Bruce Tonkin Bruce.Tonkin at melbourneit.com.au
Thu Feb 19 07:53:09 UTC 2004

Hello All,

Just a reminder that all Council members should endeavour to attend
council teleconferences and physical meetings.

If you cannot make a call, please advise the GNSO Secretariat and
appoint a person to carry your proxy vote.

You may appoint a person to vote as they see fit on your behalf
(appropriate for administrative/procedural matters), or you may provide
the proxy with specify voting instructions (appropriate for voting on
policy recommendations and for elections).

With respect to any vote for ICANN Board seat #13, you should clearly
provide instructions on how to vote to the person holding your proxy
(and preferably copy the instructions to the GNSO Secretariat in case
there are any email delivery issues).

Bruce Tonkin

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