[council] Mobile phone in Cape Town

Marc Schneiders marc at schneiders.org
Thu Nov 18 17:12:04 UTC 2004

The info below might be interesting for those of us who will be in
Cape Town. AFAIK you don't have to be a member of ISOC to get this
cheap deal for mobile telephony. And otherwise, just become a global
member. It is free...


On Wed, 17 Nov 2004, at 19:30 [=GMT+0900], Adam Peake wrote:

> For anyone going to the ICANN Cape Town meeting -- ISOC-ZA can give
> you a local sim card (GSM).
> Please contact Alan Levin <alan at futureperfect.co.za> (or
> terri at freedom.co.za)  with info requested below.
> Thanks,
> Adam
> >To: Adam Peake <ajp at glocom.ac.jp>,
> >From: Alan Levin <alan at futureperfect.co.za>
> >Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2004 23:32:47 +0200
> >
> >hi
> >
> >we got an ISOC-ZA special on.....
> >
> >Begin forwarded message:
> >
> >>From: Alan Levin <alan at futureperfect.co.za>
> >>Date: 16 November 2004 16:11:38 GMT+02:00
> >>To: chapter-delegates at lists.isoc.org
> >>Subject: [chapter-delegates] ISOC-ZA Cape Town hospitality
> >>
> >>Hi all,
> >>
> >>A couple offers of hospitality for all ISOC global members....
> >>
> >>Firstly ISOC-ZA will provide you with a local GSM sim card for use
> >>anywhere in SA in your mobile handset. i.e. if you have a GSM
> >>mobile phone we will obtain and email you a local number for you to
> >>share and use when you are here. The card can be used for unlimited
> >>inbound calls and 10 free outbound SMSs but does not contain any
> >>free outbound calling minutes. Outbound minutes (airtime) are
> >>readily available in the main hotel convenience store and from most
> >>'corner' stores. We will deliver the sim card to your hotel before
> >>your arrival so that you can collect it on check in. Please send me
> >>(or terri at freedom.co.za) an email with your hotel (if you have
> >>booked one) and we will email you the (incoming telephone) number
> >>in ~48 hours. Especially those from developing countries will save
> >>on incoming and outbound call costs.
> >>http://www.cellc.co.za/renderxml.asp?sectionpage=easychatstdrecharge
> >>
> >>Also, two chapter delegates have responded to my request asking if
> >>anyone was interested in having a chapter-delegates get together in
> >>Cape Town during the ICANN meeting. I am sure there may be more so
> >>please send me an email if your interested. At this stage we
> >>tentatively expect to have an informal social gathering at the
> >>Manenbergs Jazz Cafe - Waterfront precinct - on Sunday Dec 4 - 8pm.
> >>
> >>Please distribute this message to your members.
> >>
> >>kind regards,
> >>
> >>Alan
> >>ISOC-ZA Chair
> >
> >

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