[council] Draft Agenda for Council meeting Thursday 21 October 2004

Bruce Tonkin Bruce.Tonkin at melbourneit.com.au
Tue Oct 12 06:42:38 UTC 2004

Draft Agenda for Council meeting Thursday 21 October 2004

12:00 UTC (10pm Melbourne, 1pm London, 8am Washington, 5am Los Angeles)

Item 1: Approval of minutes of 9 September 2004

Item 2: Draft initial report on procedure for use by ICANN in
considering requests for consent and related contractual amendments to
allow changes in the architecture operation of a gTLD registry.   [20

Review latest draft from ICANN staff (not yet available)

Item 3: New gtld strategy implementation   [20 mins]
See: http://www.icann.org/topics/gtld-strategy-area.html

Item 4: Update on WHOIS   [20 mins]

Item 5: GNSO Council review by ICANN Board   [20 mins]
- Council to do self-review as input to external consultant

Item 6: GNSO Council elections
- terms of some Council members expire at end of 2004 annual general

Item 7: GNSO Council chair election
- Bruce Tonkin's term expires 20 Nov 2004
- recommend start two week nomination period
- hold election at next Council meeting

Bruce Tonkin

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