[council] Staff Update Report from Paul Verhoef

Bruce Tonkin Bruce.Tonkin at melbourneit.com.au
Thu Oct 21 04:57:14 UTC 2004

Staff Update Report from Paul Verhoef to the GNSO Council meeting on 21
October 2004

1.      The recruitment of the staff position relevant to the GNSO is 
progressing well. To date some one hundred applications have been
received and the process of initial screening has started with the aim
to create a shortlist for subsequent interviews. The goal is to try and
finalise the recruitment during the first weeks of November and
depending on the availability of the choses candidates, they should be
able to commence early in 2005. The request for applications will be
withdrawn from the ICANN website and the various job boards during these

2.      The schedule for the Cape Town meeting is nearing finalisation. 
Kurt Pritz will provide detailed information on the topic during the
Council meeting and inform the Council of the anticipated date of
release of the draft schedule.

3.      ICANN's first ever strategic plan is nearing internal
The ICANN staff fully realises the importance of releasing a credible,
well though-out, and comprehensive plan which responds to the requests
from the community to obtain a better insight in the planning of how
ICANN's mission and mandate will be implemented on a longer-term basis,
in order to set a proper bench-mark for future plans. The strategic plan
is foreseen to be introduced shortly to the Board and then be posted
within the next few weeks.

4.      In the context of the New gTLD Strategy, the comment period on
draft strategy is now completed and staff is evaluating the comments
received. The final version of the Strategy will be posted as soon as
the comments have been processed and the Board has approved the final
In parallel, staff held meetings with WIPO, IAB and IETF and urged them
to provide as soon as possible their expert opinions on the issues
involved with the introduction of new gTLD's. Staff foresees to have a
meeting in the near future with entities representing consumer interests
to review the feasibility of their expert opinion on the matter. As soon
as these reports become available they will be posted.

5.      At its meeting on 18 October, the ICANN Board has approved the 
Terms of Reference concerning the Review of the GNSO Council that were
jointly developed between a number of Council members and the staff.
ICANN staff will now proceed swithly with the search for an external
consultant for the role specified in the TOR. Staff would be grateful to
receive in the next days from Council members and members of the
community further names of potential candidates for such an external
consultancy role.

6.      As already indicated by email by the Council Chair, staff is 
expected to finalise shortly the evaluation of the legal issues and
operational feasibility of the proposals for the evaluation and
implementation of new registry services.

7.	As regards the report on the performance of the GNSO Council
that Dr. 
Paul Twomey had retained a consultant, Dr. Liz Williams to prepare
earlier this year, a public version of the report will be posted by the
end of October.

8.      As I will be travelling from Brussels to Marina del Rey at the
of the Council meeting, I would like to express my regrets for not being
able to participate but Kurt, Barbara, and Glen will be available to
provide any further information and/or assistance.

With best regards
Paul Verhoef 

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