[council] Procedure for requests for consent and related contractual amendments to allow changes in the architecture or operation of a gTLD registry

Olof Nordling olof.nordling at icann.org
Wed Aug 3 14:37:37 UTC 2005

Dear Council Members,

Following last Thursday's Council meeting with a vote that produced a
Supermajority Recommendation on the lengthy subject line above, a draft
Council Report to Board, as called for by the PDP, is attached for your
consideration. Comments, corrections and improvements to this draft Council
Report are certainly welcome. A final version is needed for item 3 below.


Furthermore, I wish to inform you about the next procedural steps for this


1. The Final Report and all ancillary documents are right now being
submitted for information to the Board meeting on 16 August.


2. Before the end of this week, the Final Report will be posted on the ICANN
website for a 21-day public comment period, in accordance with Article III,
Section 6 of the Bylaws. All SOs and ACs will be notified thereof.


3. The document set will be completed with public comments received, with
the aim to submit the Recommendation for final adoption as a consensus
policy by the Board at the 13 September ICANN Board meeting.


Please contact me if you have any questions on the above. 


Very best regards


Olof Nordling



Olof Nordling 

Manager, Policy Development Coordination 


6 Rond Point Schuman, Bt.5 

B-1040 Brussels, Belgium 

Tel.: +32.2.234 7870

Mobile: +32.475.420805 

Fax: +32.2.234 7848

E-mail: olof.nordling at icann.org 




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