[council] request for ICANN action on single letter domain names (now reserved names)

Michael D. Palage michael at palage.com
Wed Aug 10 23:15:52 UTC 2005


I believe these are both valid questions to ask, where they rank up on the
council's priority list is something that the council will have to decide.

I am encouraged Marilyn that you are raising the topic of single letter
domains. I know there are a number of large corporations that have been
inquiring about the availability of these domain names. I have in fact been
the recipient of at least one such inquiry. My response was that any such
request should be made through the GNSO Council via one of the
constituencies. It is unclear from your note if this recommendation is
coming to the council at the request of the Business Constituency, or if
this is something you are raising sua sponte.

By way of example, within the registrar constituency there was a discussion
about how it was best to raise the issue of amending the bylaws to the Board
via the Council. I believe it is prudent if recommendations come to the
council through the constituencies as this is consistent with the spirit of
the bottoms-up process upon which ICANN is founded.

I will be interested in listening to this discussion during the next council
meeting. I would hope that your discussion actually involve a two-part
analysis. Part One, would ICANN release these reserved names. Part Two, how
do the registries allocate them.

Bret with regard to your single letter TLD question. I believe this is also
a timely issue given the current efforts that Olof is undertaking in
connection with new TLDs. I know that you had previously worked on behalf of
a registry applicant in 2000 that had proposed a (.I) TLD which was altered
amended to (.III) to meet the guidelines imposed at the time. It is
unfortunate, that this application was removed from the ICANN Board
"shopping basket" at the last minute. I would be interested if that
applicant from 2000 was still interested in obtaining a TLD. The reason I
believe the answer to this question would be valuable, is that it would go
to show that there is still interest among non-selected 2000 applicants. I
think this data point may prove useful to staff in their current efforts.

So in summary, good questions and I look forward to further discussion at
the Council level.

Best regards,


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Could we broaden that request to ask how to proceed for single-letter
TLDs also?

> 2) Request for an issues report from gNSO staff addressing how to
> proceed to make single letter domain names, now on reserve status,
>  available for registration at the second level in the generic TLD
> space. I would like to present a short statement describing the issue
> under AOB on the agenda list. I have posted a letter to Kurt Pritz and
> John Jeffrey advising them that I will be requesting to have this
> topic on the Council agenda and I did discuss the topic with both of
> them yesterday at the request of an interested party.
> Regards, Marilyn Cade

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