[council] GNSO Review: Phase One Paper

Bruce Tonkin Bruce.Tonkin at melbourneit.com.au
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Just going through some of the old DNSO archives.
Here is a report from Working Group E that talks about outreach etc:
It is relevant both in terms of assisting constituencies to grow
participation, but also with respect tot he ICANN strategic plan with
respect to outreach.
Bruce Tonkin


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	Dear Colleagues


	I have attached a paper which reflects the first phase of
consultation and feedback about the GNSO Review Terms of Reference.  I
am grateful to everyone who has contributed ideas either by email or on
the telephone.


	The GNSO Review is at Item 2 on the agenda for the 18 August
call.  The agenda item refers specifically to the timeline for the GNSO
Terms of Reference.  This paper provides the timeline and more detailed


	After the 18 August call, I will prepare an information paper
for distribution to the Board.  I will then incorporate their feedback
into a Second Phase paper.  You will note that we have quite tight
deadlines to meet the Board's requirements for notification of items for
the Vancouver meeting.  A full project plan is being developed for the
process which includes all key dates and milestones.


	If you have any further questions or need clarification on
anything my numbers are below or you can email me.


	Kind regards.




	Dr Liz Williams

	Senior Policy Counselor

	ICANN - Brussels

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