[council] GNSO Review: Phase One Paper

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Dear Bruce

I support your proposal. For the BC, this will also be helpful since one of
our councilors is on vacation but due back very shortly. Thus, he will be
available for the follow on substantive discussions.

Thanks for your clarification on the question of 7 days on substantive

I know that "in extremis" situations do develop, and we can discuss, at a
later time, how to enable the putting forward of a document in an urgent
situation, but that is not the "typical" situation that we encounter.


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Hello All,

Hello All,

The document on terms of reference for the GNSO review document deserves
more extensive discussion than will be available during the Council call
this week. 

For the Council call (under agenda item 2) I have asked Liz to provide
information on the timeline for when the terms of reference need to be
completed so that the Board has sufficient time to consider them for
decision at the meeting in Vancouver. This will help guide when we need
to schedule meetings to discuss the terms of reference.

I hope Council members will read the document and provide input via the
mailing list as soon as possible.

I will be recommending during the Council meeting that we schedule a
separate Council call on the terms of reference so that we can give it
the appropriate level of attention. We might like to do this as two

(1) A GNSO Council meeting to get input from the GNSO Council members
- we might also choose to invite the chairs (or even the exec
committees) of the GNSO constituencies

Followed by 

(2) A joint meeting between the GNSO Council and interested members of
the ICANN Board

In particular, I would hope that we can get input from the Board members
that have been elected from each of the Supporting Organisations. The
terms of reference for the GNSO review, should help form the basis for
future reviews of the ASO and ccNSO.


Bruce Tonkin

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