[council] Establishment of Programme Committee for ICANN meeting in Vancouver

Marilyn Cade marilynscade at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 16 13:42:35 UTC 2005

I thought I should explain further my views on Programme Committees; they
SHOULD be about planning a programme, not just doing logistical
coordinating, as important at that is to the "standing meetings". 

Thus, when we asked for a Programme Committee in Luxembourg, and mentioned
it in the Board/Council meeting, I made my comments from a view that there
will be programme elements that are for the entire community; and distinct
elements which are about meetings held by different parts of the community.
e.g. constituency meetings; the two council meetings, the board retreats;
while there are also "workshops" e.g. DNSSEC, IDNS and other events, such as
the WSIS Forums that are "for the wider ICANN community". 

A programme committee would over time have a process to gather inputs and
feedback and develop suggestions for "programme content" in those broader

Most of us have planned, or chaired programme committees for industry events
and conferences. Our logistical coordination is one very key element.

However, over time it impossible we will want to even change the format of
the ICANN meetings if there is both support and need for that. Perhaps we
will find that the Public Forum of the gNSO is better attended and more
relevant, if we hold it at the beginning of the ICANN meeting, so that
inputs can then be discussed in the Constituency meetings. The ccNSO may
decide that it prefers to have full working days when all are gathered,
rather than only a Council meeting. 

Those are elements of input into the logistical and coordination aspects of
a Programme Committee's input, but do not address the content of that
group's meeting -- appropriately so.

I understand that we may be proposing to start with more of a logistical and
coordination activity, but the broader Programme Committee is in the long
run, more appropriate. 

This would of course work with, and inform the Board Meeting Committee, as

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Hello All,
We have been asked to nominate a person to represent the GNSO on the
Programme Committee for the ICANN meeting in Vancouver (see email below).
I am pleased to see that the ICANN staff have adopted our suggestion to form
a program committee.
I recommend that the GNSO appoint the GNSO Secretariat (Glen De Saint Géry)
as our representative on the committee.

Glen has a good understanding of the requirements of each GNSO Constituency,
as well as the GNSO Council meetings and task force meetings.  As a Council
we can identify the meetings that we wish to have in Vancouver, and the
constraints (ie identify which meetings should be available for the whole
ICANN community to attend, which should allow all members of the GNSO to
attend, and which can be held in parallel).   I can develop a simple
spreadsheet of GNSO meetings and constraints as a starting point, and the
GNSO Council members can provide input to that spreadsheet of requirements.

Bruce Tonkin


From: Diane Schroeder [mailto:diane.schroeder at icann.org] 
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To: Bruce Tonkin; Mohamed Sharil Tarmizi; Chris Disspain
Cc: 'Denise Michel'; Glen van Oudenhove de Saint Gery; Donna Austin; Michael
Evans; 'Veni Markovski'
Subject: ICANN Meetings - Establishment of Program Committee

In order to facilitate better coordination of events scheduled to take place
at ICANN Board Meetings, a program committee is being assembled from the
various supporting organizations and advisory committees to assist me in the
preparation of the schedule.  This group will have regularly scheduled
conference calls and a mailing list to better encourage coordinated
discussion.  I would like to hold our first conference call during the week
of August 22. I  would ask that you nominate someone to represent your group
on the program committee.  Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you.

Diane Rae Schroeder
Chief Financial Officer
4676 Admiralty Way, Ste. 330
Marina del Rey, CA 90292 
United States


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