[council] GAC recommendation on .xxx

Bruce Tonkin Bruce.Tonkin at melbourneit.com.au
Tue Aug 16 22:42:26 UTC 2005

Hello Avri,

> I was wondering, is it appropriate for the GNSO to make any 
> recommendation to the Board on the request by the GAC that 
> the decision on .xxx be reviewed?

There are two questions.

(1) Does the xxx proposal meet the current policy with respect to new

(2) In light of xxx, should a policy be developed about specific strings
for new TLDs, or the use of new TLDs?

With respect to (1) - I personally think that is a question for the
ICANN General Counsel and the Board to consider.   As I understand it,
xxx is part of an extension of the proof-of-concept with respect tto new
TLDs, and specifically it must meet the critiera of a spponsored TLD as
described in the recent RFP.   If members of the GNSO community believe
that it is not consistent with current policy - then they can provide
input to the Board.

With respect to (2) - that should be included in our discussion about
long term new gTLDs policy


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