[council] From the chair of the WHOIS Task Force regarding the current WHOIS recommendation

Bruce Tonkin Bruce.Tonkin at melbourneit.com.au
Wed Aug 17 00:38:11 UTC 2005


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From: Jordyn A.Buchanan [mailto:jordyn at confusion.net] 
Sent: Wednesday, 17 August 2005 1:46 AM
To: Bruce Tonkin; council at gnso.icann.org
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Subject: Regarding Whois TF recommendation on improving notice

Dear Bruce:

In discussions of the Whois TF last week, a concern was raised that the
current proposal relating to improving notice to registrants regarding
the use of their contact details in the Whois system may be viewed as a
waiver of registrants privacy rights.  It was not the intent of the task
force that the recommendation act as any sort of waiver, but this was
not an issue that we considered during the work of the task force.
There is no agreement in the task force that the current policy
recommendations would constitute a waiver, however a number of the
members of the task force do believe that this is an important issue and
believe that it would be premature for the  
Council to adopt the policy recommendations without considering it.   
Although the Task Force did not have time to form an official position
on this issue, in light of those concerns, I am writing to request that
the Council either:

a) Refer the recommendation back to the Task Force for further
consideration of this specific issue; alternatively, the Council may
want to consider this specific issue itself, or

b) Delay adoption of this recommendation until such time as the full
range of issues currently being considered by the task force have
resulted in a broader set of recommendations that may render this issue


Jordyn A. Buchanan
Chair, Whois TF

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