[council] Vancouver meeting planning

Bruce Tonkin Bruce.Tonkin at melbourneit.com.au
Wed Aug 17 09:34:20 UTC 2005

Hello All,

Looks like we have a GNSO Council Vancouver planning committee comprising of:
- Bruce Tonkin
- Marilyn Cade
- Ken Stubbs
- Glen de Saint Géry  (rep on ICANN programme committee representing the GNSO)

Let me know if anyone else would like to join.   

As Marilyn points out, the GNSO Council Vancouver planning committee will need to liaise with other areas of ICANN - e.g the GAC and ccNSO for the various joint meetings, as well as plan the agenda for the specific Council meetings.

I believe that Glen should be a single point of focus on taking the requirements and working with the meeting staff such as Diane Schroeder, and Michael Evans on the central ICANN Programme Committee.

I have attached a document to capture requirements.  It has the following components:
- meeting name
- Duration	
- Required ICANN Community participants	
- Required ICANN staff	
- Target audience	
- Public meeting	
- Room requirements

This document should help manage the conflicts that occurred in Luxembourg.
E.g the target audience for the DNS security presentation was registries and registrars, all of which were required for other meetings.

I have taken a quick attempt to estimate the meetings, and the requirements for each meeting, but I expect Glen will update this, and the GNSO constituencies etc can check the requirements.

If there are meetings that I have missed please let Glen know.

The priority for now should be to reserve appropriate meeting time.  I have included a task force called new gtld task force as a place holder on the assumption that we will have at least one other task force in place by Vancouver in addition to WHOIS.

Bruce Tonkin

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