[council] GNSO Review: Council Meeting Thursday 25 August, 12:00 UTC

Liz Williams liz.williams at icann.org
Fri Aug 19 14:06:46 UTC 2005

Dear All


Further to yesterday's Council meeting, please find attached an updated
version of the GNSO Review:  Phase One Paper.  This paper has already been
distributed to all Council members, the Board Governance Committee and to
ICANN staff.  The paper reflects input from each of those three groups.  I
have also distributed this paper to the Constituency Chairs (where those
chairs are not Council members) so they can also provide early input. 


Please note the amended timeline in the document which now reflects this
conference call and the one proposed between the Board and Council on
Thursday 8 September.   We need to have all consultations completed by 30
October to meet the Company Secretary's deadlines for submissions to the
Board for the December meeting.


After the 25 August meeting, I will send a notice to the Board List with an
updated copy of the paper asking for interested board members to attend the


The proposed agenda for the Council call (lasting for approx one hour?) will
cover three main areas:


1.  Confirmation of the rationale and background for the review

2.  Confirmation of the question sets and analysis tools

3.  Confirmation of the proposed timeline


I would be grateful if, between now and Thursday 25 August, you could
provide substantive commentary to me and I will collate this input.  I am
also developing an operational plan for the completion of the work as early
in 2006 as possible.


Feel free to either post your comments to the Council list or send them
directly to me.  If you wish to speak to me by telephone, the office number
can be found below.


Glen will send out call dial-in numbers and passcodes shortly.


Kind regards.




Liz Williams

Senior Policy Counselor

ICANN - Brussels

Tel:  +32 2 234 7874

Fax:  +32 2 234 7848

Mob:  +61 414 26 9000


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