[council] GNSO Review: Council Meeting Thursday 25 August, 12:00 UTC

Bruce Tonkin Bruce.Tonkin at melbourneit.com.au
Wed Aug 24 12:54:38 UTC 2005

Hello All,
I have edited the draft provided by Liz Williams as follows:
- added direct quote of bylaw provision for reviews of internal
structures of ICANN
- added link to terms of reference used for the GNSO Council review in
- added new section on "Purpose of the GNSO" with text extracted from
Article X
- added new section on "Outcome of GNSO Council review 2004" - with
summaries and recommendations from the Patrick Sharry report
- added material at the beginning of the existing section of scope to
explicitly reference the overall requirements of the review with respect
to the GNSO Council and GNSO Constituencies

Note that before considering the detail of this review, I think it is
important to get the context right - ie the GNSO's role and structure,
as well as ensure we capture the outcomes of the 2004 GNSO Council
review upfront.   This 2006 GNSO review is effectively the next step in
the GNSO review process that started in 2004 with respect to reviewing
the constituencies of the GNSO, and also reviews what changes the GNSO
Council has made to improve its effectiveness in light of the
recommendations from the 2004 review.

Bruce Tonkin

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