[council] Draft agenda for GNSO teleconference on terms of reference for the GNSO review - 25 August 2005

Ross Rader ross at tucows.com
Wed Aug 24 14:56:18 UTC 2005

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Bruce - a quick question regarding the agenda...

> (1) Review the goals and expected outcomes of the GNSO review, at both
> the Council and constituency level

Whose goals and expectations will we be reviewing? I have mentioned to
others that I have an expectation that this process will be a
constructive, bi-directional communication that will hopefully provide
the GNSO with feedback and direction regarding structural and procedural
improvements that will help it serve and work within the ICANN community
in a more effective manner. To that end, it would be helpful to
understand and discuss not only what our goals and expectations are for
this process, but more importantly, those of others (the other SOs, the
staff and primarily, the Board having commissioned this review in the
first place).

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