[council] On the use of 'fairness'

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Oh, hmmm, I was thinking of voting for both 3 and 4 until I saw my chair's


1 and 2 are a good start... like my suggestion that we do a "e.g..... ,
..., e.... on criteria that we agree on/engage the board on in our meeting.
Thus the independent consultant will have some guidance/measurable criteria


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Hello All,

In the context of bylaws, and rules and procedures used within
constituencies, I interpret fairness around having a set of rules to
guide process, and applying those rules consistently.

Some possible definitions of fairness:
1. conformity with rules or standards; "the judge recognized the
fairness of my claim" [syn: equity] [ant: unfairness] 
2: ability to make judgments free from discrimination or dishonesty
[syn: fair-mindedness, candor, candour] [ant: unfairness] 
3: the property of having a naturally light complexion [syn: paleness,
4: the quality of being good looking and attractive [syn: comeliness,
loveliness, beauteousness]

I am assuming that the bylaws are not referring to definitions 3 and 4


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