[council] Council planning call

Philip Sheppard philip.sheppard at aim.be
Wed Aug 31 07:35:43 UTC 2005

your ideas for a GNSO plan are welcome. The exercise need not be overly
Such a document should be a management tool not a redundant bit of
additional information.

I hope however, in case our staff, are getting worried about endless plans
and no action, that the plan you discuss can in effect be a more detailed
version of the existing issues list authored by Maria each month.

Turning this into a spread sheet with time lines (more detailed for current
issues) and targets (think project management) would serve as one unique
tool for use of:
- GNSO Council (to do our job)
- Board (to see what we do)
- Staff (to do their job).

I would hate to see we start writing three or more separate documents which
in essence all have the same objective.


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