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On 31/08/2005 8:55 AM Liz Williams noted that;

> Could I ask you to review it - the Chair has asked for comments to be in by
> Friday 2 Sept Brussels COB.   He will then forward an updated document to
> the Board for 8 Sept once any additional comments are taken into account. 

I have several other less substantive comments, but this one is
significant enough to be submitted independently.

I have a substantial objection to section 3.2 and would like to see it
rephrased in substantially more positive and constructive terms.


3.2.	The GNSO Review is designed to determine:

o	whether that organization has a continuing purpose in the ICANN
o	and, if so, whether any change in structure or operations is desirable
to improve its effectiveness.


3.2 	The GNSO Review is designed to analyse:

o	the current and continued role of the GNSO in the ICANN structure,
o	and recommend what changes in its structure or operations, or those of
ICANN itself, may be desirable to improve its effectiveness.

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