[council] Table of current GNSO work items

Maria Farrell maria.farrell at icann.org
Wed Aug 31 22:12:22 UTC 2005

Dear all,
At the last GNSO Council call (18 August), staff committed to proposing an
improved reporting system for the Council.   I attach a table detailing the
current work items of the GNSO and its task force/working groups.  This new
format for reporting on GNSO work items gives a lot more detail of past and
future actions than the work item list I've been providing for the last few
months. It's intended to make it easier to track and plan the large volume
of work the Council is doing. The table isn't an exhaustive response to
improving the reporting and planning for the GNSO, but I hope it will be a
helpful step in that direction. 
I tested a version of this table with the WHOIS task force a week ago and
have had some positive feedback on it.  However, I am sure there is plenty
of room to improve this table so that it corresponds more precisely to
Councillors' needs.  I would appreciate your input on the table either by
email or on the GNSO planning call next week. One question I would welcome
your input on is if it would also be useful to capture in the table the
relevant leading councillor(s) on work items where appropriate.  
I propose to keep this table updated and circulate it to councillors 7 days
before each Council call.  It may also be possible to post it on the GNSO
part of the ICANN website along with each meeting's agenda. 
Many thanks for your patience.
All the best, Maria
P.S. I also plan to provide the WHOIS task force with its updated section on
an ongoing basis. 
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