[council] Amsterdam Strategic Plan meeting

Grant Forsyth Grant.Forsyth at team.telstraclear.co.nz
Sun Jan 23 20:34:56 UTC 2005

Dear Paul and Kurt
I spent the weekend re-reading the Strategic Plan and would like to offer
you and your staff a thanks and congratulations on making it an accessible
and readable document.
Having read through the Strategic plan again, it occured to me that it would
be highly desirable to explicitly tie in the requirements of the MOU.
While through my reading I can see where particular planned initiatives
relate to MOU requirements, there is not explicit linkage between the two -
well not that I can detect.
I think it would be helpful to receive from the staff a document that simply
lists next to each paragraph of the MOU those Strategic Plan
initiatives/sections that relate to it and that will ensure that the demands
of the MOU are met. Or alternately, against each Strategic Plan initiative,
list those sections of the MOU that will be addressed by that specific
Strategic Plan initiative.
Additionally it would be useful for the meeting to be provided with an up to
date status - done, current, and future - (in bullet form would do for me)
of meeting the needs of the MOU.
It would be good to receive this some days prior to the Amsterdam meeting. 
I am hoping this request is not too onerous as I imagine that the work has
already done and may exist in another report/document already.
Thank you for considering this suggestion.
Kind regards

Grant Forsyth 
Manager Industry & Regulatory Affairs 
Cnr Taharoto & Northcote Roads 
Private Bag 92143 
ph +64 9 912 5759 
fx + 64 9 912 4077 
Mb 029 912 5759 

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