[council] REQUEST: RE: REMINDER: GNSO Council teleconf dial-in # 2 June 2005

Alick Wilson alick.wilson at xendra.co.nz
Thu Jun 2 06:46:25 UTC 2005

Hi Bruce, as I will not be on the call tonight, would you be kind enough to
read out the following comments and questions on my behalf. If staff present
on the call can provide answers, excellent! If not, may I request that you
follow up with staff and board to get answers?

Item 2: Staff report
- status of meeting agenda for Luxembourg
- What is the status of the public forum on the Strategic Plan (both process
and substance) at the Luxembourg meeting?
- Will there be a public forum on the Budget at the Luxembourg meeting? If
so, great; if not, I would like to request one.

Item 9: Comments on 2005/2006 budget/operational plan
Comments and questions:
- Many comments were made during the StratPlan process that there were
concerns about opening regional offices; that more discussion was needed;
that it wasn't clear to many of the stakeholders that was the optimal way to
achieve broader participation and outreach, compared with working with
existing organizations such as regional ccTLD organizations, RIRs, cc's etc.
- Version 7.3 of the plan states ' In addition there are a number of areas
that are included in this plan that have been identified by the community
through the consultation process as needing more discussion and further
work. Rather than attempt to deal with these issues in the timeframe of the
current plan, they are listed here so that they can be given the detailed
treatment that they need as part of the next planning cycle. Those issues
are: ... . Determining whether ICANN should have segregated funds .
Clarifying the nature of ICANN's regional presences ... '
- There are job vacancies listed on the ICANN website for multiple Regional
Liaison Managers. Applications close on 30 June, before the budget has been
approved for these positions (or not).
- Is it appropriate that jobs should be advertised and applications close
before the budget for them has been approved, and while the nature of the
job that they might do is still subject to consultation? 
- Given the commitment that there is to be more consultation on the topic of
regional outreach, when is that consultation to take place?
- What is the best way to get further clarification about this?


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