[council] Uses of WHOIS data

Marilyn Cade marilynscade at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 7 03:23:30 UTC 2005

Hi, I just noted the suggestion of having a policy draft related to the
purpose of WHOIS by Luxembourg. 

I doubt that the TF can address a draft policy by Luxembourg; however, I
agree that it seems possible to have a more fact based input that surveys
past input and updates it by the constituencies, for public comment. 

We only have three meetings between now and Luxembourg.  ... so getting to a
draft policy on purpose seems optimistic. 

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Hello Maria,

In the past, the WHOIS task forces have surveyed the users of the WHOIS
service and collected information on how the data retrieved from WHOIS
is currently used by these users.

TO assist the WHOIS task force to determine the purpose of the public
display (via the WHOIS service) of data collected at the time of
registration, please collate the current uses of WHOIS data as recorded
in previous WHOIS policy work.

The GNSO Constituencies can review the information and make any
corrections or additions.

I hope this can be done within 7 days.

Once all the information is available, the WHOIS task force can begin to
develop a policy that specifies a purpose for WHOIS in the context of
the ICANN mission and core values. 

For the GNSO public forum in Luxembourg, the aim should be to provide
the public with information on the current uses of WHOIS, and a proposed
policy for the purpose of the WHOIS service.   The task force can then
take advantage of public comment.

Bruce Tonkin

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