[council] Draft Agenda for GNSO Council teleconference - Thursday 23 June 2005

Marilyn Cade marilynscade at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 16 03:27:51 UTC 2005

Bruce, I would like to raise a topic for discussion before the Council call,
and we may want to ask the ICANN GC or assistant GC to advise the Council.

As I recall, consensus policy takes 2/3s majority. Due to weighted voting
there are 27 total votes. However, with one vacancy of the Nominating
Committee appointees, there are actually only 26 votes. Thus 2/3s would be
of the 26 votes, not 27. Let's confirm that first with General Counsel.

Then, 2/3s would be .... 17 votes, or 18 votes? I think it is 17.4, which
would be 17. 

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Subject: [council] Draft Agenda for GNSO Council teleconference - Thursday
23 June 2005

Draft Agenda for Council meeting Thursday 23 June 2005

Coordinated Universal Time UTC 12:00

(5:00 Los Angeles, 8:00 Washington DC, 14:00 Brussels, 22:00 Melbourne)

Item 1: Approval of minutes

Item 2: Staff report
- current areas of work - WHOIS, new gtlds, transfers, IDNs
- update on strategic/operational planning process
- status of meeting agenda for Luxembourg
- update from Paul Twomey on WSIS/WGIG

Item 3: Consideration of final report from the WHOIS task force with
respect to improving notification and consent for the use of contact
data in the Whois system.

Item 4: Approval of voting rules for combined WHOIS task force

Item 5: new gtlds
- update from staff

Item 6: update of GNSO Council meetings in Mar Del Plata

Item 7: Any other business

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