[council] GNSO Council meeting on 23 June: Staff Report

Maria Farrell maria.farrell at icann.org
Thu Jun 16 17:01:02 UTC 2005

Dear all,
Below is the staff report ahead of next week's conference call of the GNSO
All the best, Maria
GNSO Council Staff Report


16 June 2005


1          WHOIS Task Force


Recommendation 1 on notification:

Progress: The Final task force report was submitted to the GNSO Council for
consideration at the June 2 2005 meeting. 


Staff has completed the following information-gathering exercises:

*	Top 10 registrars' notification practices
*	10 randomly chosen registrars' notification practices


Current status: Report for consideration at Council meeting on 23 June,



Purpose of Whois

Progress: Staff has completed the following information-gathering exercises:

*	Uses of Whois data 


Current status:  The task force is developing work on the purpose of whois.



Recommendation 2 on conflicts with national laws

Progress:  The task force aims to finalize the recommendation for
circulation to constituencies (for constituency statements) on Tuesday 21
June, 2005.  The recommendation will then be the subject of a preliminary
task force report, public comments, and a final task force report to the
GNSO Council which is anticipated by late August 2005.  


Current status: Recommendation being finalized by task force for circulation
to constituencies. 


Staff contact:  Maria Farrell



2          Transfers policy implementation report

Progress:  Tina Dam, Karen Lentz and Maria Farrell are available to work
with GNSO Council members on this topic.   Karen has developed some
statistics on the type of complaints/questions we receive about transfers
that can be shared with the entire working group to help decide what part of
the policy language to clarify. 


Current status:  Awaiting Council member response


Staff contact:  Tina Dam / Maria Farrell 



3                   New gTLDs

Including internationalized domain names at the TLD level.


Progress: New gTLD question list in preparation for circulation


Current status:  In progress


Staff contact:  Olof Nordling



4                   Input to ICANN strategic / operational planning process


Progress:  Conference call held with ICANN staff on 9 June discussed how to
manage interactive consultation in Luxembourg.  


Current status:  Questions to guide the sessions are being developed and
refined and will be circulated to the constituencies, SOs and ALAC two weeks
before Luxembourg.  (Friday 24 June)


Staff contact:  Kurt Pritz / Maria Farrell



7          Planning for ICANN Luxembourg meeting

Progress:  The agenda is expected to be circulated early in the week
beginning 20 June, 2005.  


Council contact:  Marilyn Cade


Staff contact:  Glen de Saint Gery 






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