[council] Luxembourg meeting schedule & agenda is now published

Marilyn Cade marilynscade at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 20 12:55:52 UTC 2005

We are scheduled to discuss the agenda on our call on Thursday. 


As the liaison, I appreciate all your comments and feedback. 


For now, the short answer is that there were many limitations in the
schedule, including availability of suitable rooms, overlapping events, etc.
In addition,  the Registrars have requested two full days of meeting, and
they are already being shortchanged due to all the other conflicting
meetings on Tuesday.  We are trying to give them as much time for their
meeting and work as possible. 


We need to keep in mind that since we need four of the Registrars for the
Council public forum – Jordyn, as the chair of the WHOIS TF, and the three
councilors from the Consitutency, it is a courtesy to start the gNSO Public
Forum as late as we can. Especially since the Public Forum is chaired by the
Council chair, who is from the Registrar Constiutency. 


It might be feasible to start 30 minutes earlier on the gNSO Public Forum. I
am not making a commitment on that at this time, however. I am talking to
Bruce and Diane later today. 


Like many of you, I am actually more concerned about the timing of the
Public Forum. but I noticed none of  the Councilors posting so far
mentioned that. Kiyoshi and Ken, as WHOIS TF members, are aware that the TF
will be taking public comments. Thus we need to do this when we can have
attendance by a wide number of stakeholders. This topic bears some thought
from all of you. 


In the end, we may need to be good sports and demonstrate our flexibility.
While we started trying to work with the staff a few weeks, ago,
circumstances turned out to limit the flexibility – and the venue has some


Given the limitations of the schedule we were given, the only other feasible
time to have the Council was Thursday p.m. and that is not a good idea,
given that we may have comments to present at the public forum for the
Board’s attention.


However, I see a couple of things that will be changed. The report on domain
name hi-jacking is one hour in length, I think. Steve Crocker is involved in
both that and the DNS Sec workshop, which then begins at 10. I understand he
plans to do two DNSSEC workshops: one in Luxemboourg, and one in Vancover. 


Secondly, the public forum, part I is missing, but it is Wednesday p.m. so,
just add that to your mental notes when you read the schedule.


Finally, as to in our using the Council list to schedule bar time, does that
mean that everyone who reads the list should assume Philip is inviting you
along for a drink, now joined by Kiyoshi and Ken?  :-)





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Yes, me too


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I would echo this request

Ken Stubbs

Philip Sheppard wrote: 

Could Council have some background as to why our most important meeting of
the entire week is scheduled from 17.00 - 19.00 ?

Are we at our best then? Alert, excited and ready for intelligent debate and
focused action?

Or by then are we ready for the bar?

I know I will be.

Re schedule please.


What's wrong with earlier ?




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