[council] times for TF meeting in Luxembourg

Marilyn Cade marilynscade at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 22 14:12:54 UTC 2005

Paul, I am responding because I'm working on this for the Council/and doing
logistics coordination. We mentioned this on a recent TF call, but it wasn't
discussed on the last call because I wasn't on the call. Here's the update.

It is the intent to have a meeting of the Council and TF in Luxembourg. I
have left Jordyn a message or two about possible times. Sunday isn't
available, if you recall.

The TF has been invited, via the Council to join the Council in attending
the GAC closed meeting on Sunday,from 2-6. Thus, no, this working session
between the Council and the TF cannot happen on Sunday.

There is probably need for two meetings: one: preparatory for the gnso
public forum which includes WHOIS as a major topic. Two: the working session
between Council and TF: I have proposed Thursday afternoon to Bruce and
Jordyn, and the ICANN staff in order to get a suitable meeting room.  This
isn't the only working session being scheduled for Thursday.

Recognizing that the Registrars have extensive two days of meetings, we
still have to work around others competing meetings. :-)

I will give Jordyn for the TF possible times for a preparatory meeting
before the Wednesday public forum. It is possible you may have to do that
early one morning, or later one afternoon. It is also possible that you
might chose to do that during the GAC open forum on Tuesday or just after
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Bruce and Jordyn,
Are we going to have a whois TF meeting in LUX? If so what day?
I don't want to have to change my plans around like last time :>)
Hopefully it wont be scheduled for Sunday again.
How about any day other than the days of the registrar's meeting?

Glen de Saint Géry

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