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Marilyn Cade marilynscade at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 22 16:06:27 UTC 2005

Dear Bruce and fellow Councilors


I wish to suggest a couple of topics for the agenda under AOB, to discuss
how the Council and the gNSO can best advance its perspectives and concerns
related to the several items, including StratPlan, Operational Plan/Budget


Strategic Plan/Operational Plan: 

There was extensive outreach in MdP, supported in large measure by
leadership of the Council informally, through several of its members, and
working with others in the community. 


The effort on establishing a more iterative and ongoing process of
engagement with the SO, and other SOs, has been evolving, but is still
unclear at this point, but is critical to the SO's leadership.  


Kurt will be on our call, I think, and can perhaps update us further on the
development of both when the Board is expected to vote to approve the
StratPlan, and how the operational plan/budget consultations will take place
at the ICANN meeting.


Several councilors are following this closely, and I think we should
continue to do so, and to encourage other SOs to continue to work with us on
the consultative involvement of the SOs and the ALAC.  


Preparation of gTLD Strategy as an example: 

I am uncomfortable with the way that this has developed. I have concerns
about process, and with some of the content of the report Council has been
given. We will discuss the paper itself tomorrow. 


However, of greater need for focus by the Council, is the role of the gNSO
Council in issues that have cross cutting implications. I think we haven't
fully examined and reached agreement with ICANN on this overall topic. I
believe there is consensus within the Council on this topic, but that
discussion is also worthwhile. 


And, I'd like to discuss if we should request a working session with ICANN's
leadership to further explore this general topic. That will enable us to
better fulfill our responsibilities overall.


On administrative topics: I have been in touch with ICANN on meeting
logistics. Some details are still evolving. I will try to reach ICANN later
today and have an update on the logistics and meeting arrangements as they
have been firmed up to date. I can report on what is known to date on the
call tomorrow.


However, this has brought an idea to mind regarding meeting
planning/scheduling.  The fluidity of when Constituency Day is turns out to
be a little difficult to manage. However, there are now many many competing
requests for meeting slots. We have had WSIS forums taking up a 2-3 hour
slot; those should end with Vancover; however, we now have ongoing public
forums on the Strategic Plan and Operational Plan to take into account. 


I suggest that some of the Council/chair meet with other SOs/ALAC to discuss
common needs. We could do that before everyone leaves Luxembourg. 



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