[council] Argentina agenda

Philip Sheppard philip.sheppard at aim.be
Fri Mar 4 08:59:09 UTC 2005

Hello Council and ICANN staff,

The recently updated agenda (see below) for Argentina ICANN meetings seems
Monday April 4 is packed with events:
Council Breakfast
Opening ceremony
Cross Constituency meeting
Constituency meetings
Registrars workshop
GAC open session
Host reception

Then Tuesday April 5 is barren:
WSIS in late afternoon.

Then Wednesday April 6
is the SO's Councils day but 24 hours later than usual.

Can we hear the rationale for this please?
It would clearly be better if at least the GAC open session took place on
the Tuesday so as not to potentially overlap with the Constituency meetings.
And why is the GNSO Council 24 hours later than usual?
Or is this a function of room size availability? If so - adding that
information and times of day would be rather helpful.

	Monday, 4 April 2005
*	GNSO Council Breakfast 
*	Welcome Ceremony (9:00 . 10:00) 
*	GNSO Constituency Meetings 
*	Cross Constituency Meeting 
*	NonCommercial Users Constituency Meeting 
*	gTLD Registries Constituency Meeting 
*	Registrars Constituency Meeting 
*	Commercial and Business Users Constituency Meeting 
*	Intellectual Property Interests Constituency Meeting 
*	Internet Service Providers and Connectivity Providers Constituency
*	ccNSO Members Meeting 
*	Registrars Workshop (All Day) 
*	GAC Plenary Meeting (Open Session) 
*	GAC Plenary Meeting (Closed Session) 
*	Host Reception 
	Tuesday, 5 April 2005
*	GAC Plenary Meeting (All Day) 
*	ccNSO Members Meeting (afternoon) 
*	WSIS Program (4:00 . 7:00) 
	Wednesday, 6 April 2005
	GNSO Council Meeting (morning) 
	ccNSO Council Meeting (afternoon) 
	Public Forum . Part 1 (afternnon) 

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