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Fri Mar 4 19:50:12 UTC 2005

Dear Glen,
Thanks for asking, but I think there are more details needed by the

I wonder if it is clear to all councilors that our meetings probably start
early Sunday, so people need to arrange to be in Argentina in time for
Sunday meetings. The agenda is pretty inaccurate for Councilor's purposes or
was the last time I looked at the ICANN site. 

I think we were thinking of seeing the GAC gNSO working group on Sunday
a.m./although that probably has to wait for Suzanne Sene to return on Monday
for follow up on that possibility. It has been discussed already by Bruce on
our Council calls/and Suzanne had acknowledged the possibility, but I don't
think this is finally arranged. 

However, as I look at the calendar and agenda of work, it seems to me that
we need to have our WHOIS TF/Council meeting around the mid a.m./early p.m.
Sunday, so that we can have our administrative meeting from around 2 or 3
p.m. onward... 

None of that is on the ICANN agenda that is published, which isn't
surprising, but if we are to do all our work, we need to work Sunday. Thus,
Sunday will potentially be really a Council work day, like it is for the
cc's and the GAC. 

This needs to be sorted out quickly so that people can arrange their plans

On another item, we have two new ICANN policy staff -- perhaps we could
issue a personal invitation -- any Councilors available /and the two new
policy staff, to a "no host" casual breakfast in the hotel restaurant Sunday
a.m. maybe at 8:45 a.m./That would need to happen before Staff has to rush
off to have their coffee/tea with the Board. I think we should avoid a
formal arrangement. This could be informal and just get acquainted... 

I've assumed that the policy staff will automatically understand that they
are invited to attend/visit constituencies, but also that they are "booked"
for the Council meeting... but ...they will perhaps have a time conflict
since the gNSO public forum competes with the ccNSO Council. Since everyone
is new, we shouldn't assume they know they are invited/welcomed, expected,

Bruce, now that he is on board, can we invite the new senior policy officer
to our next Council call to say a few words? Would this be done through Paul

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The ICANN meetings in Mar del Plata are nearing! Could you please let me 
know, off the council list, gnso.secretariat[at], whether 
or not you will be attending these meetings and when you will be 
arriving as this will facilitate the telephone bridge and meeting 

Please let me have your response by Tuesday 8 March, 2005.
Thank you very much.

Kind regards,
Glen de Saint Géry
GNSO Secretariat - ICANN

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