[council] Public Comment period on Proposed Change to ICANN Bylaws Regarding the Number of GNSO Council Representatives.

Ken Stubbs kstubbs at afilias.info
Mon Mar 21 11:39:13 UTC 2005

i prefer the second approach.

Ken Stubbs

Marilyn Cade wrote:

>Obviously, the Council should file short comments in full support. :-) 
>Should we do this as a voted item? Or, having previously expressed our
>unanimous support, can we use that as the basis and just make a short,
>supporting comment? 
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>The public Comment period has commenced on the Proposed Change to ICANN 
>Bylaws Regarding the Number of GNSO Council Representatives.
>Proposed change to the ICANN Bylaws:
>Section 3. GNSO COUNCIL
>Subject to the provisions of the Transition Article of these Bylaws, the 
>GNSO Council shall consist of three representatives selected by each of 
>the Constituencies described in Section 5 of this Article, and three 
>persons selected by the ICANN Nominating Committee. No two 
>representatives selected by a Constituency shall be citizens of the same 
>country or of countries located in the same Geographic Region. There may 
>also be two liaisons to the GNSO Council, one appointed by each of the 
>Governmental Advisory Committee and the At-Large Advisory Committee from 
>time to time, who shall not be members of or entitled to vote on the 
>GNSO Council, but otherwise shall be entitled to participate on equal 
>footing with members of the GNSO Council. The appointing Advisory 
>Committee shall designate its liaison (or revoke or change the 
>designation of its liaison) on the GNSO Council by providing written 
>notice to the Chair of the GNSO Council and to the ICANN Secretary. The 
>GNSO Council may also have observers as described in paragraph 9 of this 
>The proposed change is to replace "two" with "three" and leave the 
>article otherwise unchanged.
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