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Since we are working on our StratPlan for Council on Sunday, in MdP, we
might start with a present report on what is presently on staff's plate.
Then after our StratPlan work, we will be able to provide further guidance
on priorities, etc.

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Dear Bruce
I understand that Olaf has now joined Maria as policy support for Council.
Welcome to Olaf and my apologies for missing the call last Friday where I
understand Olaf was introduced.

Given that we now have two staff available to support Council policy, I
think it would be good for Council to work with them and Paul Verhoef to
develop and set their policy work.
Towards that goal, I suggest that Maria and Olaf provide to Council an
outline of the policy work that they understand Council is engaged in and
likely to take up over the next 3-6 months and their involvement in that
work. My thinking would also be that such an outline would include
"options". This would allow me to consider their perspective of our work
(not all of which I, as a single councillor, are over) and provide some
Where I would like this effort to head to is a clear understanding by
Council of who is supporting what and to provide guidance, direction and
priority to the staff in that support.
My thinking would be that such a consultation and priority setting be
undertaken on a regular basis - every 6 months?

I would be interested in other councillor's views on this approach.

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