[council] Draft strategic objectives for the GNSO

Bruce Tonkin Bruce.Tonkin at melbourneit.com.au
Thu Nov 3 12:35:25 UTC 2005

Hello All,

Following the GNSO Council call on 13 October 2005, I have extracted the
following set of draft objectives under 7 broad headings derived from
Patrick Sharry's paper of September 2005.   Please consider these
carefully and propose either better wording, or additional objectives
under each of the headings.   Please also share this with your
By the Vancouver meeting I hope to be able to present to the Board our
current high level objectives, and perhaps some initial thinking about
initiatives that can help achieve those objectives.   The initiatives
that can be done within the next 12 months would appear in the GNSO
Operational Plan.

For example if we want to have a representative from Africa on the GNSO
Council by 2009, an initiative could be to identify  individuals from
Africa to participate in the GNSO task forces.

Each objective is expressed in terms of a statement, current status of
this objective, and goal for 2009.   I hope the staff and/or the GNSO
review process can help document our current status with respect to some
of these goals.

Please review the discussion in the minutes of the meeting of 13 October
2005 as context.

Bruce Tonkin

1. Representation:

1.1 To ensure participation in the constituencies from all regions (e.g
Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America) and major sub regions(e.g Middle
East, Pacific Islands, Caribbean islands) of the world by 2009.
- <insert current 2005 representation statistics>

1.2 To ensure representation on the council from all regions by 2009.
- <insert current 2005 representation statistics>

2. Security:

2.1 The GNSO will aim to cooperate with security experts (such as SSAC)
and  technical standards bodies (such as IETF) to raise awareness of
security issues and possible solutions to those issues.
- <insert current links with security groups for 2005, an initiatives
done in 2005>
2.2 The GNSO will identify known security issues within the domain name
registration and the maintenance of domain name records, and identify
possible solutions.
- <insert current known security issues and possible solutions derived
from the domain name hijacking report for 2005>

3. Scale Issues 

3.1 The GNSO seeks to ensure that the gtld domain name system can handle
at least three times the number of top level and second level domain
names, and at least 100 languages by 2009.
- <insert current number of top level and second level gtld domain names
for 2005>
- <insert current languages support by second level gtld domain names
for 2005>

4. Multiple complicated changes to Internet operations
4.1 The GNSO aims to increase liaisons with technical groups such as the
Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and W3C
- <insert current 2005 liaisons>

4.2 The GNSO aims to arrange workshops or conferences with these groups
to facilitate two way discussions to understand the impact of
technological change on the DNS, and changes in the use of domain names
by Internet users.
- <insert any 2005 workshops/conferences>

5. Possible fracturing of the address space

5.1  The GNSO will continue to support a domain name system that
consists of globally unique identifiers that ensures two users in
different parts of the Internet using the same application would
experience the same application behaviour when using the same identifier
(predictability), and that this behaviour is repeatable at different
times of the day (reliability).
- <insert summary of current status of alternative roots etc that may
not be consistent with this objective>

6. ICANN taking an appropriate role in the further evolution of the
broad group of international entities involved in Internet

6.1 The GNSO aims to establish outreach with international entities
involved in Internet coordination.
- <insert current international entities that have an active liaison to
the GNSO in 2005>
- <identify which international entities the GNSO should have liaisons
with for 2009>

7 Designing appropriate structures and processes for a post-MOU ICANN.

7.1 The GNSO aims to ensuring the ability to maintain the bottom up
consensus policy development process, maintaining the broader private
sector leadership, which would include civil society, the broad set of
Internet users, the technical community and business users.
- <insert current status for 2005>

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