[council] Strategic Planning process

Bruce Tonkin Bruce.Tonkin at melbourneit.com.au
Fri Nov 4 08:29:00 UTC 2005

Hello All,

Following the work we have done so far at the Council level on defining
a strategic plan for the GNSO, I have had discussion with Chris
Disspain, Chair, of the ccNSO, and Patrick Sharry to suggest replicating
our process across the other SO's and AC's.

The process that we are following is basically:

(1) Define what the GNSO should be achieving by 2009 in each of 7 areas

(2) Identify what our current level of achievement is in each of those

(3) Identify what initiatives we need to move from our current level to
our desired level in 2009

(4) Identify the budget/resources required to do the initiatives to
achieve the goals by 2009

Naturally the next step after the strategic planning cycle is to define
the operating plan, which would prioritise the initiatives for the next
12 months with a further level of planning details, and also ensure that
there is sufficient revenue to carry out the operating plan.  The GNSO
operating plan also needs to cope with issues that arise during the
course of the year.

With respect to the GNSO as we don't have either an operating plan or
strategic plan, we are working on initial drafts in parallel, and have
arranged a meeting with the ICANN Board on Monday afternoon 28 Nov 2005
to go through those plans.   We will also need to be communicating with
our respective constituencies both before and after this meeting to get
more input.

Chris Disspain and I are going to try to get together with the chairs of
the other SOs, and ACs, along with the chair of the ICANN Board to
discuss using this approach more broadly on Sunday 27 Nov.   We believe
that the SOs and ACs need more time to complete their planning work as
input to the overall ICANN strategic plan, and that the ICANN staff
should aim to have a consolidated strategic plan for review at the ICANN
meeting in Wellington.

I have been told that the ICANN staff have scheduled a strategic
planning session on Friday morning 2 Dec prior to the GNSO Public Forum.
I hope at that session we can take a bottom up approach, with of each of
the SO's, and AC's providing an update on their strategic planning work,
and getting input from the ICANN community.   The GNSO will be able to
use the material it is planning to present to the Board on Monday 28
Nov, along with any changes from discussions within the GNSO community
during that week, for that session.

Bruce Tonkin

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