[council] Final Proposed version 2.0 of IDN Guidelines posted

Michael D. Palage michael at palage.com
Tue Nov 8 05:31:25 UTC 2005


This is a topic for potential resolution during tomorrow's Board call.
The original draft IDN Guidelines were endorsed by the Board back I
believe in June. In the briefing documents provided to the Board from
staff we have been advised that there was a public comment period, see

Based upon this public comment the registry working group published a
final draft of the IDN Guidelines that incorporated that commentary.

It is my opinion that the necessary public consultation has occurred and
I am inclined to vote in favor of adopting these resolution tomorrow if
presented with a resolution, although I will not make a final
determination until hearing the staff briefing and my fellow directors

In connection with the reviewing of the Board briefing documents, I have
also consulted with Cary Karp to better understand the issues.

So I hope that answers your question, and shed a little light on the
homework the Board has to do prior to our calls :-)

Best regards,

Michael D. Palage

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Are these guidelines going to go through the normal open review  
period before the board endorses it?  Or has that already happened?



On 7 nov 2005, at 19.54, Bruce Tonkin wrote:

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> Subject: Final Proposed version 2.0 of IDN Guidelines posted
> Today's IDN status Update includes the posting of the IDN revision 
> working groups proposed final version of the IDN Guidelines. Please
> note
> that this still is pending ICANN Board endorsement before it may be
> considered the final version 2.0.
> Along with this, an overview of the actions taken by the working group

> in response to the comment received on the initially proposed draft
> has
> been posted.
> http://www.icann.org/announcements/announcement-07nov05.htm
> Please keep in mind that the IDN forum is still open for the continued

> IDN discussions. And please don't hesitate to contact me for any 
> questions.
> Best regards,
> Tina Dam
> Chief gTLD Registry Liaison

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