[council] ICANN Board Meeting -08-Nov-05

Michael D. Palage michael at palage.com
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Hello All:

One clarification. We also unanimously passed a resolution posting the
proposed Bylaws Changes on Interim ALAC's Certification of
At-Large Structures

Best regards,

Michael D. Palage

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Dear Council Members:

Listed below are the resolutions which the ICANN Board passed yesterday.
I have also included how I voted on the resolution along with any
questions/concerns that I may have voiced in connection with a specific

Should anyone have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Best regards,

Michael D. Palage

Resolution: Review and Consideration of Policy Development Process
Results and Public Comments for "Procedure for use by ICANN in
considering requests for consent and related contractual amendments to
allow changes in the architecture or operation of a gTLD registry"

Action: This resolution passed unanimously. However, I expressed
reservation regarding the 45 day frame for referral to competition
authorities, and whether that was sufficient based upon ICANN's existing
experience with competition authorities. I also asked about the
enforcement power of the major competition authorities if a third party
evoked a complaint directly with the competition authority, as opposed
to ICANN referring it. I received representations from ICANN staff in
response to my questions that this should not be a problem.

Resolution: Board Governance Committee's Recommendation for the Creation
of a new Board Compensation Committee

Action: This resolution passed with a majority of the Board voting with
one no vote. I voted in favor of this committee based upon the
discussion that the salaries of the officers would be made publicly
available in accordance with ICANN's transparency requirements.

Resolution: Approval of Board of Director's Expenses
Action: This resolution for reimbursement to Vint Cerf and Vanda
Scartezini for ICANN related travel expenses passed unanimously.

Resolution: Authorization to Bind Professional Liability Insurance for
Directors & Officers 

Action: This resolution passed unanimously. I requested and received
assurances from staff that these policies would be provided to Directors
during the annual meeting at the time Directors submitted their annual
conflict of interest statement.

Resolution: Approval of 177K in Legal Expenses

Action: This resolution passed unanimously. However, myself and other
directors asked for specifics in the future regarding the break down of
legal expenses instead of just monthly totals and a summary of
litigation and legal issues.

Resolution: Authorization to Enter into Addendum to Marina del Rey

Action: This resolution passed unanimously.

Resolution: Redelegation of .GS (South Georgia and South Sandwich

Action: This resolution passed with a majority of those directors in
attendance with two abstentions. I noted for the record the second US
Principles on the Internet Domain Name and Addressing System which state
that "governments have a legitimate interest in the management of their
ccTLDs". I also note the need for ICANN/IANA to move forward
expeditiously with the translations of these key redelegation documents
to help all countries, but particularly developing countries, in this
vital task.

Resolution: Proposed Guidelines for Implementation of IDN's, v.2.0

Action: This resolution passed unanimously. Given the concerns raised by
some, these guidelines were explicitly set to expire in 9 month during
which the President's IDN Committee and the other relevant working
groups were to continue their work in this area.

No specific resolutions were taken in connection with the following

-	Briefing Regarding Certain Fiscal Year 2005-2006 Budget Items

-	Single Letter 2d Level Domain Name Discussion

-	Consideration of .ASIA sTLD Application

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